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    NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING ​ At Lakes Center we know that mental well-being goes hand-in-hand with cognitive function. That's why we offer comprehensive neuropsychological testing to provide in-depth understanding of your or your loved-one’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique cognitive processing. Whether you're concerned about learning differences, memory changes, or seeking clarity after a life event, our licensed therapists are here to guide you. ​ Our personalized assessments go beyond standardized tests, incorporating personal interviews, and tailored solutions to support your individual needs. We can help you gain valuable insights to inform your therapy journey, empower treatment decisions, and unlock your full potential for thriving. ​ Listed below are the wide range of neuropsychological assessments offered at Lakes Center. FULL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: A full Neuropsychological Evaluation includes tests of intellectual functioning, attention, learning and memory, reasoning and problem-solving, visuospatial skills, and language, as well as mood and personality. It also includes an interview with the patient and a family member (if possible). We test children, adolescents, and adults (ages 6 through adulthood) ​ TESTING F OR ADHD/ADD: BASC - 3 Comprehensive set of tests that will help you to understand behaviors and emotions of children, adolescents, and young adults (aged 2-25) with hyperactivity, sensory impairments, and behavioral issues. (Includes intervention recommendations) ​ Conners 3 - DSM 5 Assessment tool for children and adolescents (aged 6-18), which measures a range of behaviors such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its most common comorbid problems such as oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. ​ CAARS 3 Identifies and measures symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD in adults (aged 18 years and older). TESTING F OR PERSONALITY & MENTAL DISORDERS: MMPI - 3 Measures personality traits, as well as mental and personality disorders in adults (aged 18 years and older). This is a 335 item self-reporting measure of personality and psychopathology. It helps clinicians distinguish psychopathy from malingering as well as from medical conditions. ​ Y - BOC Tool that diagnoses obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in adults (aged 18 years and older). This is a 10 question clinician administered questionnaire that is designed to rate symptoms severity. ​ Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) Measures depression symptoms as well as their severity in adults (aged 18 years and older). This is a 21 item self-reporting questionnaire inventory that measures attitudes and symptoms of depression. ​ Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) A diagnostic tool which measures anxiety symptoms and severity in adults (aged 18 years and older). This includes 21 items and measures both physical and cognitive anxiety symptoms during the past week. ​ BARIATRIC PRE-SURGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: Includes MMPI - 2 and Clinical Interview The bariatric preoperative assessment explores reasons for considering surgery and what the expectations are after the surgery. (Specific testing will vary depending on needs of bariatric team requesting testing for surgery and depending on surgery being done.) ​ To find out more about Lakes Center Neuropsychological Testing options, contact Ashli Brennan either by phone or email. ​ Important Note: Lakes Center does not accept insurance for testing services. It is strictly self-pay. Ashli Brennan, LPC Lice nsed Professional Counselor direct line: ( 312) 967-6619 email:


    OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER! ​ Each month we send out a newsletter that contains mental health tips and updates about our centers and available treatments. ​ To subscribe, simply enter your email address below. Note, that your privacy is important to us and we will not forward or sell your email address to anyone. ​ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Subscribe Thanks for Subscribing! READ OUR CURRENT NEWSLETTER ​ MAY: Let’s Talk About Mental Health Awareness Month and 6 Ways to Talk To Someone You're Worried About PREVIOUS NEWSLETTERS ​ 2024 ​ APRIL: Couples Therapy at Lakes Center and 5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask a Therapist, According to a Therapist ​ MARCH: Women's History Month - Passing the Torch and 9 Things to Say When Someone is Gaslighting You ​ FEBRUARY: Black Superheroes are Agents of Social Justice and Why Work-Life Balance is So Important – and How to Nail It ​ JANUARY: Treatment Options for Trauma and How the Presence of Others Affects Behavior ​ ​ 2023 ​ DECEMBER: Happy Holidays! Plus Ways to Harness Motivation ​ NOVEMBER: Dr Lyons has the Best Job Ever! and Why You Get Chills While Listening to Your Favorite Song ​ OCTOBER: SPRAVATO® in the News and 40 Healthy Coping Skills for Uncomfortable Emotions ​ SEPTEMBER: Suicide Prevention and How Other Countries Deal with Mental Health ​ AUGUST: FDA Approves First Pill Treatment for Postpartum Dep ression and How Creativity Positively Impacts Your Health ​ JULY: Exposure a nd Response Prevention (ERP) and The 6 Types of Basic Emotions and T he ir Effect on Human Behavior ​ JUNE: LGBTQIA+ Teens Need Our Support and How Helping the Environment Can Make You Feel Better ​ MAY : The Loneliness Epidemic and Should You Spring Clean Your Relationships? ​ APRIL : Autism Awareness Month and Should You Tell Your Boss about a Mental Health Condition? ​ MARC H: M odern Fe mininity: Being Untraditional is Stressful ​ FEBRUARY : S elf Care and Black History Month ​ JANUARY: Me ntal Health and the Holiday Season ​ ​ 2022 ​ DECEMBE R : M ental Health and the Holiday Sea son ​ NOVEMBER: St ress from Communication in the Digital Era ​ OCTOBER: "Quiet Quitting" and Mental Health ​ SEPTEMBER: Take a Mental Health Day ​ AUGUST: How to Make Friends as an Adult ​ JULY: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline ​ JUNE: Pride + Men's Health Month ​ MAY: Mental Health Awareness Month ​ APRIL: Stress Awareness Month ​ MARCH: Women’s History Month and Spring Mental Health ​ FEBRUARY: Black History Month and The Power of Making Small Changes ​ JANUARY: What it's Like to Use SPRAVATO® for Your Depression? ​ ​ 2021 ​ DECEMBER: What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? ​ NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving & Sleep ​ OCTOBER: Mental Health Day ​ SEPTEMBER: Suicide Prevention Month ​ AUGUST: How Do I Make Friends as an Adult? ​ JULY: Social Wellness Tips ​ JUNE: Our First Newsletter

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    THERAPY STAFF CHART ​ ​ To easily find a Therapist with availabilities that matches your needs, scroll through the sortable chart below. For details about each Therapist, visit our Staff Page . ​ For DBT Providers, please visit our DBT page . For Medication Prescribers, go to our Prescriber section on our Staff Page . ​ To schedule an intake appointment, please contact us at (248) 859-2457 Each therapist's services and availabilities are indicated with icons: ​ Blue - New Patient Appointments Available ​ Light Gray - Currently No New Availabilities

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    Adult NPP - ADOBE PDF PORTFOLIO For download FORM DR ​ Link FORM DR ​ Embedded Rate Us Don’t love it Not great Good Great Love it


    WELCOME TO THE LAKES CENTER TEAM PORTAL! ​ Here you will find all your on-boarding forms, as well as the Lakes Center Handbook and links to your Insurance and 401K companies . ON-BOARDING PAPERWORK ​ Office Staff If you are an Lakes Center office staff member, please fill out the following two forms: ​ Confidentiality Agreement ​ Employee Profile ​ ​ Clinicians If you are a therapist or p sychiatrist please fill out the following three forms, as well as the linked Google form. ​ Clinician Onboading ​ Confidentiality Agreement ​ Employee Profile ​ PHOTO & TEXT FOR MARKETING MATERIALS​ C linician s' photos and bios a re featured on the Staff Page of our website . There will also b e a small picture on the Home Page , and depending on the specialty it might be featured on other pages as well. ​ PHO TOS: We periodically have a photographer come in and take staff headshots, until then we will need to use a photo that you provide us. Please make sure that it is not overly processed (or has filters), and that is a minimum of 2000 x 1500 pixels. P lease email to or upload here ​ TEXT: We have a form that will walk you through all the information we need for our marketing materials. Please click on the button below to start. Google Form for Mareting Collateral HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED FORMS ​ You can email completed forms (and headshot if needed) to , or you can upload th em directly to us by clicking the button below. Upload Documents HANDY LINKS FOR EXISTING EMPLOYEES ​ Lakes Cent er Employee Handbook ​ Medical Insurance ​ 401K ​ ​

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    EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION AND REPROCESSING (EMDR) ​ ​ LAKES CENTER IS NOW OFFERING EMDR SESSIONS A ND EMDR INTENSIVES TO TREAT TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES. ​ Psychotherapy treatment designed to treat traumatic experiences (e.g. childhood trauma, birth trauma, military trauma etc.). We offer weekly sessions, as well as full- and half-day EMDR Intensives. If you are interested in EMDR Intensives or want to see if EMDR might be helpful for you, please contact Regina Baker MS LMFT to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. ​ What are EMDR I ntensives? Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) addresses negative self-beliefs, somatic complaints and images that are associated with trauma (attachment trauma and single incident). EMDR Intensives are set up in half days, full days or multiple days to specifically target and reprocess the trauma to get results quickly. Who might benefit? Because sometimes it feels like we are carrying a backpack full of rocks around and this is a treatment that can start unpacking those quickly even if you have a primary may just want to focus on one or a few aspects of trauma. How do we get Started? Contact Regina Baker MS LMFT for a consultation to assess the fit and to schedule an intake appointment. What are the Costs? Your insurance may cover the first hour of the session each day and then the session with be private pay. $675 for a half day (3 hours) and $1350 for a full day (6 hours or 6 weeks of weekly therapy) Regina Baker MS LMFT is certified in EMDR and in Perinatal Mental Health and worked with varies types of traumas from Veterans through parents that have experienced traumatic births/NICU stays, sexual assault survivors and childhood trauma. ​ Regina Baker, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist direct line/appts: 248-617-8967 e mail:


    Here is what our patients say about our Spravato Treatments : For privacy reasons, the photos below are not of our patients. Have you wondered what it's like to use SPRAVATO® for your depression? Follow a Lakes Center patient as she takes her journey to beat depression with SPRAVATO. Becca (@spravatowme) is a Lakes Center patient who has been documenting her experience with SPRAVATO on TikTok . She has given us permission to share her link so that anyone else dealing with treatment resistant depression may see what it's like to heal with SPRAVATO! I have been getting the SPRAVATO® treatment from this office for a few weeks now. The office itself is very clean, cozy, and comfortable. The staff is phenomenal! Every nurse I've come across is just so kind, caring, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to help. Thank you all at Lakes Depression Center for making this treatment a great experience! ​ - Ashley B My experience was very rewarding. My initial treatment was 9 weeks 2x per week. My first treatment I experienced a dissociative episode and could not communicate verbally. This lasted for a few minutes but to me it seemed longer. After further treatments and knowing what to expect the treatments were much easier. I even began to look forward to the treatments because they were relaxing and most importantly they were working. The room in which I received treatment was warm and inviting which added comfort to the whole experience. The nurses and aides were very knowledgeable and amazing and tended to my every need. (Snacks included!) I’ve treated with Lynne Lyons for the past 17 years, she always puts her patients needs above all else and I would recommend her without reservation. ​ - Luwetta H Excellent. Caring staff. If I could give them 6 stars I would. Cyril is the Man and Stephanie and Ann are excellent. The support staff is top notch. ​ - Michael S Where did you ever find those people at the clinic? How could you have assembled such a wonderful team - to a person? ​ ​I so look forward to my appointments to see friendly faces and, frankly, get treated like a queen. The patient rooms are quite well thought out and provide such a relaxing atmosphere. Having drivers available solves an almost insurmountable issue for some of us.​ ​Only negative I can see is that SPRAVATO needs to have a flavor enhancer added! Sometimes suckers are not enough!​ ​Keep up the good work...and give everyone a raise!​ ​ - Terry I have had nothing but a great experience. Everyone is so wonderful, they are more like family then nurses or doctors. I have wonderful experience with the treatment. I even got through Christmas with no tears. So wonderful. ​ - E P I visit the Lakes Depression Center for treatment with SPRAVATO. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lyons and her wonderful staff! They truly care about you, your comfort and your well being. They respond promptly to messages and requests and will bend over backwards to help however they can. ​ Not only am I feeling better then I have in years, they gave me back hope. They encouraged me to keep going when I felt all hope was lost and I would never find anything to help me. The rooms are outfitted with care. They have heaters and fans so you can quickly adjust the temperature to your liking but what really stands out are the heated massage recliners! Seriously, when was the last time you were offered a recliner at an office?! They also offer you suckers and snacks; trust me use the suckers, the meds taste awful. ​ Go and see them, I promise you will not be disappointed in the care you receive. ​ - Katie M Great staff! I can’t say enough about them. Everyone is friendly and caring. ​ - Denise F The people who work here truly care about the health and well being of every person who walks through their doors. I have never felt so cared for by a staff. The treatments I receive here have honestly turned my life around. I couldn't recommend Lakes Depression Center more highly. ​ - Trisha P The staff here is incredibly professional, kind and compassionate. I felt that they really cared about me as a person, and were my cheerleaders in finding a way out of depression . Lynne Lyons, the director behind the Center, was so excellent at prescribing and dosing medications effectively that I quickly chose her as my primary psychiatrist. She is the reason I am no longer depressed, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. SPRAVATO is an option that can often help those with treatment-resistant depression, that is, for which traditional antidepressant medications are not working. While SPRAVATO did not single-handedly pull me out of depression, the caring staff were certainly a part of my emotional healing from it. ​ - Kimberly B The people there are so caring, efficient, and qualified. I feel safe putting my mental health in their hands. ​ - Emma K What a wonderful experience! Everyone treats you not as a patient, but as family. The whole process and accoutrements are so special and comfortable. The room where you spend your time is wonderfully appointed with lounge chair and TV. The treatments may start to work after the first dosage and you leave the office feeling so serene and peaceful. Having a driver from the office is such a blessing, as you cannot drive after treatment. Overall, just a positive life experience. ​ - Terry Y Wonderful staff. Caring, attentive, very professional. They Literally saved my life. ​ - Pamela R Really happy with the care I've received so far, they go the extra mile to help you which is so valuable when you are suffering from depression because it can be paralyzing and hard to take the steps needed to get care. ​ - Kim W Today was overwhelming… I was at the max 27 (on the PHQ9 depression scale) when I first came in and now after 4 months I am at 0. It’s changed my life and I can't thank you all enough for your love and your support and your treatment. So thank you. - A L I've been getting SPRAVATO treatments at Lakes Psychiatric Center for about a couple of years now. Dr. Lyons and nurse Stephanie Bednar are very caring and friendly people who genuinely care about their patients' mental health and well being. The weekly treatment has been a godsend for me. It has lowered my depression significantly and I am able to enjoy things again. I highly recommend Lakes Depression Center. If you have clinical depression it is a great place to check out. It just might lower your level of suffering and allow you to live life normally. ​ - Matt H I finished my 15th treatment last night and thought I’d give you some feedback about the clinic. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, are super friendly, caring and helpful. I never feel like I’m being an inconvenience to anyone, even when I need assistance going to the bathroom mid-treatment. ​ They’re even getting familiar with my needs and habits. For instance, last night when I first walked into my room, they had already set out my favorite suckers (orange tootsie roll pops) and a cup of water and one of the fold-out desks for my wife. The nurse’s assistants also all seem to know that they don’t need to bring me any water until after they do the mid-session blood pressure check. ​ Regarding the nurses, all my interactions with Jill, Ann, Becky, Cyril and Heather have been great. They’re very caring and make sure they know how I’ve been doing since my last appointment before starting the treatment. They are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain things to me whenever it’s necessary. ​ You’ve really put together a great team at the clinic and should be very proud of them and what you’ve accomplished there. - Mark Here is what our patients say about us: Dr Lynne Lyons is rated a Top Doctor by Check out the reviews in this video Dr. Lyons is always available to me when I need her even in between visits and that’s a life saver. Sometimes you need help right away to keep your life under control and she understands that. She spends lots of time with every patient and truly gets to know you and listen and give advice as to what is going on in your life. She also knows medicine better than any Psychiatrist I have ever worked with. It didn’t take her very long to develop a regime for me. This review only speaks part of what she does, I could write a novel. I appreciate her so much. She is a huge part in my life being under control and me being a successful human being. Susan Deutsch is an excellent therapist. She fits you in last min because she understands sometimes life throws curve balls. She asks questions you would never think of exploring and listens deeply. I would recommend her wonderful guidance to anyone who needs a helping hand. ​ - Lauren D The staff are so helpful, knowledgeable and really caring. I feel at home during treatment. Very supportive staff. ​ - Jill Q The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They are very caring. The Covid 19 protective measures taken are very self assuring. I always have a warm, safe and positive experience. ​ - Joni R This center is great! I really like working with Dr. Coram. She has been so helpful and knowledgeable. She referred me to their SPRAVATO program and it's been life changing. All of the staff at the psychiatric office and depression office are so awesome!! Cyril, Lisa, and Ann in particular are absolutely phenomenal! They have made my experience very comfortable and enjoyable, along with the other staff. Thank you all for helping me get my depression and anxiety I'm check ☺️ I 100% recommend their services! ​ - Ashley B The doctor actually cares about you and listens. Been going to my whole adult life she has saved me! ​ - Michelle T Very competent, genuinely committed to meeting the needs of its patients, both practical and emotional and to the success of their treatment. ​ - Arnold R Dr Lyons is a top notch psychiatrist. She is a doctor that cares about the patients health. I have been seeing Dr Lyons for 21 years, since I was 17. I would not want to see another psychiatrist after going to Dr Lyons. She is extremely smart and down to earth. Additionally, I see Terrie Browning as my therapist. She is the first therapist that I feel comfortable speaking with. She's knowledgeable and down to earth. - Heather I Very caring and they make you their priority. I believe they truly want to help make you better! ​ - Diana S I've had nothing but a great experience with Doctor Lyons and her staff 😊 and I've been seeing her since the late 1990s ​ - Chris C


    NEW PATIENT? ​ Download your initial appointment paperwork from this page. ​ Please bring this completed packet, the financial agreement, your insurance card, a drivers license or ID, and the means to pay your co-pay, to your scheduled intake appointment. Fill out, sign, and submit online Valid email required. ​ New Patient Forms for Adults (pdf) ​ New Patient Forms for Children and Adolescents (pdf) ​ ​ OFFICE FORMS ​ Credit & Debit Card Authorization Form (pdf) ​ Release of Information Form (pdf) ​ Privacy Practices (pdf) Download forms to print Return to the office by scan, fax, mail, or drop off ​ New Patient Forms for Adults (pdf) ​ New Patient Forms for Children and Adolescents (pdf) ​ ​ OFFICE FORMS ​ Credit & Debit Card Authorization Form (pdf) ​ Release of Information Form (pdf) ​ Privacy Practices (pdf) For SPRAVATO ® specific forms, go to the SPRAVATO section of our site. ​ ​ For DBT specific forms, go to the DBT section of our site. RESOURCES ​ Below are some useful resources for our patients. If you are a new patent, feel free to download and bring them to your initial appointment. ​ Community Resources (pdf) ​ Mood Chart (pdf) ​ Mood Disorder Questionnaire (pdf) ​ NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family Resources (pdf) ​ Tips for Dealing with Anxiety (pdf) ​ Tips to Maximize Therapy (pdf) The purpose of psychotherapy (counseling) is to set people free... free from self-defeating symptoms... to experience their possibilities which results in freedom in life. - Rollo Mary, Psychiatrist and Philosopher


    Welcome to Lakes Psychiatric Center, a part of Lakes Center Mental Health Network. ​ We provide an Array of Clinical Services, Including: ​ PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES ​ Diagnostic Evaluations Intake interview and diagnostic assessment with initial treatment recommendations that may include medication and/or psychotherapy ​ Medication Therapy and Ongoing Reviews Symptom management through the use of psychotropic medications which also includes psycho-education and supportive psychotherapy SPRAVATO ® Esketamine Treatm ents for Treatment Resista nt Depression We have treated the largest number of SPRAVATO patients in the country! Contact us at (248) 956-7164 or email PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES AND TREATMENTS ​ Initial Diagnostic Evaluations In depth intake interview, diagnostic assessment and initial treatment recommendations, which may include psychotherapy and/or an evaluation for medication therapy ​ Individual Therapy Using various approaches which include insight-oriented, cognitive behavioral, supportive, behavioral, interpersonal, solution-focused and mindfulness based therapies ​ ​ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) We offer a Comprehensive DBT Program with individual and group - focusing on Borderline Personality Disorder. Call (248) 956-7829 for more information ​ Group Therapy A list if our current Group Sessions can be found here . ​ Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) ERP is type of Cognitive Behavioral The rapy (CBT) especially effective in treating OCD and Anxiety Disorders. ​ ​ Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Psychotherapy treatment designed to treat traumatic experiences (e.g. childhood trauma, birth trauma, military trauma etc.). We offer weekly sessions, as well as full- and half-day EMDR Intensives. If you are interested, or want to see if EMDR might be helpful for you , please contact Regina Baker, MS LMFT to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. ​ C ounseling for Children and Adolescents ​ Family Therapy and Psycho-education ​ Marital and Couples Counseling Neuropsychological Testing We offer full Neuropsychological Profiles, as well testing for ADHD/ADD, Personality Disorders, and Bariatric Pre-Op. Lakes Center does not accept insurance for testing services. It is strictly self-pay. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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