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The Strength that Helped you Survive,

is the Strength that will Help you Thrive 


Welcome to Lakes DBT Center,
a part of Lakes Psychiatric Center.

We provide comprehensive DBT services to provide effective treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other disorders involving emotion dysregulation, including co-occurring substance use disorders, major depressive disorder, and individuals with history of trauma. At Lakes DBT Center, we believe  that with effective evidence-based treatment and a caring and coordinated treatment team, clients can achieve a life worth living. 

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Harmful behaviors such as intentional self-harm, suicidal behavior, and substance misuse is often a response to unbearable emotional suffering. DBT is intended to replace ineffective behaviors with skillful behaviors that are within conscious control and with continued practice and support, become automatic and incorporated into daily practice. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy at Lakes DBT Center

Lakes DBT Center offers comprehensive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy services, including: ​

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Skills Training

  • Between Session Coaching

  • Therapist Consultation 

DBT Skills Modules

Acceptance Skills Focuses On: 

  • Mindfulness: The awareness of the present moment, participating without judgment, and allowing experiences rather than suppressing, avoiding, or trying to change them. 

  • Distress Tolerance: The management a crisis without making the situation worse and acceptance of reality as it is, without judgment.

Change Skills Focuses On: 

  • Emotion Regulation: Increasing emotional awareness, reducing vulnerability to emotions, identifying patterns of unskillful behavior, increasing tolerance of emotional experience.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Getting individual needs met, cultivating healthy relationships, and increasing self-respect in relationships. 

In addition to individual therapy, clients at Lakes DBT Center are expected to participate in a weekly two-hour group skills training. Most DBT skills training groups consist of 6-8 group participants. Evening and weekend appointments are offered for those with limited availability during typical business hours. 

Lakes DBT Center is currently accepting new referrals and participates with most major insurance companies. To schedule an intake appointment, please contact us at 248-956-7829.

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Lakes DBT Center has multiple DBT trained clinical social workers and counselors to facilitate your recovery and growth. 

Lakes DBT Center

Lakes Psychiatric Center

2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 1170

West Bloomfield, MI 48323


(248) 956-7829


Phone: (248) 859-2457

Fax: (248) 859-2473

Billing: (248) 313-9550

DBT Therapists

Ashli Brennan R3 SQ.jpg

Ashli Brennan, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

appointments: (248) 859-2457

direct line: (312) 967-6619


Jessica Martin SQ.jpg

Jessica Martin, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker

appointments: (248) 859-2457

direct line: (248) 778-6822


Marina Pesserl SQ.jpg

Marina Pesserl, PhD, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

appointments: (248) 859-2457

direct line: (248) 910-1591


Heidi Stamper 2 SQ.jpg

Heidi Stamper, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

appointments: (248) 859-2457



Download your initial appointment paperwork here.

DBT New Patient Forms for Adults (pdf)

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